Zingara; a definition

Italian (ˈdzingara) noun:
Meaning 'gypsy woman', we embrace the feminine, free spirit and contemporary bohemian with style and refinement. Elevating self-care care rituals and products through pure botanicals, crystal healing + holistic wellbeing practices, we empower the modern-day woman to embody the energy she desires in everyday moments, and illuminate her mind, body and home to live her best life.

Our Philosophy

At Zingara, our soul’s purpose is to empower the modern-day woman to reclaim her power, prioritise her wellbeing and embrace the power of self-care rituals. Our philosophy is built on embracing mother nature’s most precious resources including crystals, botanical oils and minerals with a touch of mindful luxury.

We are passionate about protecting our planet and mother nature’s most precious resources and we prioritise sustainability across our product’s lifecycle. Our glass and cardboard packaging is intentionally design for reuse and recycling and our fair trade and organic botanical oils are sourced through ethical production and harvesting methods.

Hayley's Story

Hayley is a mother to two beautiful daughters, all around business woman, lover of a good cup of coffee and a crisp drop of wine; a recovering perfectionist and goal getter. Not your average gypsy woman, but rather a modern-day manifestation of Zingara. Hayley’s journey to Zingara was riddled by relentless standards, career burnout and premature births. It was upon entering motherhood that she was forced to stop, evaluate and embrace a holistic approach to health and wellbeing. Zingara has been the path to her higher self; an ode to personal evolution and exploration in the realm of holistic wellbeing.

Zingara is the perfect mix of luxe and zen in the home. I love using my Protection + Elimination Mist to set an intention of calm throughout out living spaces during the day, and the Stress Relief Mist through all our bedrooms at night for a restful night sleep. They really have become a part of my everyday life and I'd be lost without them!

Teagan Perth, WA

We are obsessed with Zingara! Everything about the brand speaks to us - from their ethos, natural ingredients and use of crystal energy and aesthetics. The packaging is so luxe and stylish and I love the core four mists to choose from. We use them as room sprays, pillow mists and on face towels in the clinic as well as a subtle body spritz.

Christina Skin Aesthetic Studio, WA


Zingara Crystal Waters is an Australian owned business, born out of a passion for self care practices and love of luxe + refined style. Our luxurious crystal waters are designed with intention and purpose and enriched with premium hand selected crystals and certified pure essential oils to elevate the everyday. Our holistic approach to wellness fosters the convergence between eastern western medicine; a place where science meets spirituality and the mind embraces the heart. Zingara is built upon these principles and our products support the modern-day woman by illuminating her mind, body and home through natural aromatics, crystal energy, ancient rituals + self-care practices.


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