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Zoom Protection & Elimination

Protection & Elimination

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Black Tourmaline and Essential Oil Mist

Black tourmaline crystals are known for their protective and eliminating properties of negative energies and environmental pollutants.

Paired with frankincense oil to promote overall health and wellbeing, lemongrass to uplift your mood, and lime oil to aid with protection and cleansing.

Spritz this purifying essence on your body, linen and surroundings to facilitate a positive, fresh and invigorating environment. 

*Please note that due to the hand blended and preservative free nature of our crystal water mists, the clarity can vary and may be affected by room temperature changes. This does not diminish the therapeutic value or functioning of the product. Recommended shelf life is six months.

    Distilled Water, Frankincense Oil, Lime Oil, Lemongrass Oil, Natural Solubilizer.

    • Refreshing
    • Bold
    • Crisp
    • Earthy


    • Safe to use on your body as a subtle perfume (but please remember our scents are as natural as possible and contain no alcohol which is responsible for lingering scents).
    • Used as a room spray to cleanse spaces and create an inviting environment.
    • Spritz on linen and soft furnishings.
    • Once finished use crystals for their powerful energetic healing properties.
    • Avoid contact with eyes, inner ears and sensitive areas.

    Protection & Elimination



    What exactly is in your mists?

    Our Crystal Water Mists are a curated blend of pure botanical essential oils intentionally paired with high grade and ethically sourced natural crystals, purified water and a natural solubiliser.

    Where are your mists made?

    Each bottle is personally blended by Hayley in Perth, WA. Our Crystal Water Mists are curated to evoke a particular emotional state and embody the energy you desire most and to support you through aromatherapy, crystal healing and the art of ritual to live your best life.

    What are some ways I can use Crystal Waters?

    As our Mists are all natural with no nasties, they are holistic, versatile + multi purpose. The possibilities are endless! Some of our favourite ways to use our mists are:

    + Body spritz

    + Room spray and on soft furnishing

    + To set an intention before meditation, yoga, journaling and manifesting

    + Energy calibration

    + Stress relief and mood lifting

    + Sleep Aid

    + Aura Healing

    + Crystal Cleansing

    Where do the essential oils used in your blends come from?

    At Zingara, we pride ourselves on only creating with 100% pure and natural essential oils.

    Not all oils are created equal and it is important to consider plant health, harvesting methods, and distillation processes to ensure essential oils are of the purest quality.

    We work with both Australian and Internationally grown oils as some are not able to be grown in the Australian climate. We always prioritise working with suppliers who are organic and chemical free.


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