How to use crystal infused water to set an intention

The setting of goals and intentions is a common practice amongst many. You may use intentions and goals used to commence a new week, create a spiritual and strategic roadmap for a new desire, or even during the process of reflecting as you analyse what went well, what can be improved on and setting new goals and intentions to reflect your desired growth. Intentions are also part-in-parcel with self-care rituals. Whether it be an intention set during your yoga practice to focus deeply on your pranayama (flow of breath). Maybe your intention is to seek out 5 minutes of pure stillness during your meditative practice. Or maybe it’s simply an intention to cherish an uninterrupted evening with your partner after you’ve both worked a long week. However your intention may look, you can use our crystal-infused water to facilitate the ritual.

Our Protection and Elimination Essential Oil Mist contain Black Tourmaline crystals. Black Tourmaline is known for its protective and eliminating properties. Think of these crystals as your personal negative energy shield as it protects you from negative energy and environmental pollutants! We’ve then paired the Black Tourmaline crystals with Frankincense oil to assist in boosting overall health and wellbeing. And finally, we've infused Lime oil for further aid with protection and cleansing; it’s very much a triple threat! With a scent that is refreshing, bold, crisp and earthy it’s the perfect self-care accompaniment when seeking a connection between your mind, soul and the earth. In other words, this luxury mist is our go-to when setting our morning intentions.

Hear what one of our incredible Zingara Women have to say about our Protection and Elimination Mists.

"As a new mum and having recently returned to the workforce, the stress of juggling work life and home life was getting the better of me. The Zingara Protection + Elimination Mist has been a lifesaver. Taking a prime position in my lounge room, it helps me reset and ground myself after work, and provides me with the clarity to focus on home and leave behind the stresses of the day. The smell is divine, and the minimal and luxe aesthetic of the bottle creates a stylish addition to the interior of my home. I've also recently purchased the Cleansing Kit and used it to cleanse our new home before moving in. I'm a Zingara Woman through and through and I can't way to expand my collection."

Chloe, Bayswater WA


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