Feeling Lost? Here's what to do...

We all have moments where we feel lost and lacking purpose. And it can be all too easy to get swept up in looking outside of yourself for that quick-fix remedy.

We are honoured to have @amanda_kate_coach as a guest feature on The Journal this week. Amanda is an experienced Women's Empowerment and Holistic Lifestyle and Fitness Coach, whose mission is to help women tune in and let go of all the BS holding them back and to finally OWN who there truly are.

We have all felt lost at some point. Shit… we will feel it again and again and again. (Sorry… I know that doesn’t sound helpful but hear me out)

What I have learnt is that feeling LOST is really code for “I’M SO CONFUSED!”

Confused about what to do, how to proceed, where to start, what to decide. We have questions that are unanswered… and it’s bloody overwhelming.

I have felt this (and maybe you have too)

  • In Business (a lot over the years)

  • In relationships

  • In myself and my purpose, what I want to do and achieve

It will show up when we start to question ourselves. When the self doubt is loudest and confidence is low.

We start to feel like we are floating around in space with no direction or idea about where we are going or what we are doing here.

So what do we do about this? How do we move past this lost feeling?

Here are my TOP TIPS for pulling yourself out of feeling lost… feeling confused…. do this BEFORE you look externally for answers. Before you ask for peoples advice or opinions. Look inward.

1) Get off Social Media

You are probably consuming your mind with what everyone else is doing and comparing yourself… Let’s just stop that right now, shall we?

2) Journal all the questions you have and things you are unsure about

About what goals you should be setting. What you should be doing in your career or with your life. About your worth, your purpose, where to start, etc etc.

3) Have your higher self answer those questions?

How would your inner queen answer your questions?

4) Channel your energy in one direction?

We get overwhelmed when we try to do, be, think all the things all at once.

Pick one thing you can focus on and get clear on that before your move on to the next thing.

5) Know that you are on the right path, and you are always leading the way

Even at times like this. Feeling this way is perfect. We get to become even more clear on what we want and where we are going. This time is necessary!

“Take some deep breathes queen! You are doing amazing. If you follow these steps and you still feel overwhelmed and unsure what to do next, book a free clarity call with me and lets get you feeling clear and on a mission!”

Follow me on socials over at @amanda_kate_coach or checkout https://www.amandakatelifestyle.com.au/blog for more ways to get out your own way and start living your most authentic life.

Amanda Kate x


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