Essential oils for anxiety - plus other energy-boosting benefits you may not know.

Essential oils have long time used to help calm and alleviate stress. You may even have early childhood memories of your mother blotting lavender oil on your pillow for a better nights rest if you were battling a cold. Many of us love to indulge our senses with a warm cup of chamomile tea and instantly feel our nervous system relax. But did you know what when you pair calming essential oils such as chamomile and lavender with a peaceful and relaxing crystal such as Amethyst like you find in our Stress Relief luxury mist, the healing properties are amplified? Say hello to a full-body crystal-infused calm.

While there are no scientific reports to support the use of crystals for healing, many people swear by their powers (we’re in this camp!) Whether you need an instant dose of calm after a hectic afternoon with the kids, or maybe you need to release built-up pain and tension, our Amethyst and Essential Oil Stress Relief and Sleep Rescue Mist will soon become your daily go-to when seeking out moments of calm.

The Stress Relief luxury mist is a stunning combination of tranquil, lightly floral and soft scents - simply spritz on your body, linen and surrounds for an instant dose of peace, relaxation and sleep. This luxury mist crystal water is infused with Amethyst crystals and lavender oil for analgesic, anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety actions, while also featuring Bergamot oil known for its added benefit of relieving anxiety and stress, and a dash of neroli will cast a wave of calm over your surrounds. Bliss!

We love using Stress Relief during the holiday season, spritzing the room before the kids return from school, for a mid-afternoon stress relief following back-to-back Zoom calls, and even to get a better night’s rest. In today’s busy world, it is one of our non-negotiables!


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