Power Couple: The benefits of pairing crystals with essential oils

You may have heard about the power of healing crystals, how they help you align and calibrate your energy by raising your vibrational frequency; But have you heard about the transformational power of crystals when combined with the natural healing properties of essential oils? The result is a gorgeous interplay between the senses as your body, mind and soul become illuminated. By combining these new age healing modalities, you enhance your energy and elevate your self-care practice simultaneously. Sounds like a match made in heaven, right?

Crystals and essential oils have a lot in common; They’re both a natural resource often used for healing purposes and they’ve both had a resurgence in mainstream culture for their natural approach in helping to alleviate symptoms of stress, anxiety, sleep deprivation and increasing energy levels + a general state of wellbeing. While they’re often used as individual remedies, when combined like in our luxurious crystal waters mists, they help to up level these benefits.

Essential oils are the essence of a plant, distilled directly from trees and flora. These highly concentrated botanical compounds are what gives a plant its scent and assist it with other functions such as pollination and protection from environmental conditions + free radicals.

Crystals, on the other hand, are naturally occurring minerals that have been used for centuries by ancient civilisations for their healing properties. Due to their structure and composition, crystals emit a constant frequency. In other words, the vibration of a crystal does not change. This means that if someone of a lower vibration comes into contact with a crystal, the crystal is said to raise the energetic frequency of that person to match. This recalibration of energy is one of the crystals greatest benefits and is why we have carefully paired specific crystals and essential oils with likeminded properties in our versatile + holistic mists.

For example, take our Zingara Crystal Waters Master Healer, featuring Clear Quartz crystals - commonly referred to as the “master healers” as they amplify energy, creativity and clarity. Paired with Lemon oil to assist in cleansing the body, Peppermint oil which benefits range from gut health, headache relief to skin health, and the powerful and aromatic Ylang Ylang oil for its properties towards uplifting mood, energy levels and heart health, this revitalising spritz has been carefully curated to help promote the flow of positive energy throughout the mind, body + soul. We love spritzing the Master Healer in our surrounds throughout the day for an instant uplift and improved sense of perception and emotional awareness.

At Zingara Crystal Waters, we are meticulous when pairing crystal to essential oil. We have created four signature Luxury Mists in our core collection. These include the Master Healer, whose benefits are listed above; Love & Passion a Pink Quartz and Rose essential oil love mist for hormonal balancing and Melissa oil for mood-boosting and stress alleviating properties; Stress Relief, Amethyst crystal and Lavender oil-infused mist featuring Bergamot oil powerful in relieving anxiety and stress, while the touch of Neroli oil lifts spirits and calms the surrounds; and last but certainly not least, our Protection & Elimination featuring Black Tourmaline crystals which are known for their protective and eliminating properties of negative energies and environmental pollutants. We’ve paired this spritz with Frankincense oil to promote overall health and wellbeing, alongside lemongrass for a zesty uplift in mood, and lime oil to further aid with protection + cleansing.

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