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Born out of a passion for luxury self care rituals Zingara is a boutique wellness brand that places self-care at the heart of modern day living. We are passionate about creating inspired and elevated rituals that support each pillar of holistic wellness to empower us all to live our best and most authentic life.

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Elevate the ordinary with our range of luxury mists. Designed to promote self-care rituals, our essential oil infused crystal water supports the modern day woman to live her most authentic and aligned life.


"The Zingara Protection + Elimination Mist has been a lifesaver"

"As a new mum and having recently returned to the workforce, the stress of juggling work life and home life was getting the better of me. The Zingara Protection + Elimination Mist has been a lifesaver. Taking prime position in my lounge room, it helps me reset and ground myself after work, and provides me with the clarity to focus on home and leave behind the stresses of the day. The smell is divine, and the minimal and luxe aesthetic of the bottle creates a stylish addition the interior of my home. I've also recently purchased the Cleansing Kit and used it to cleanse our new home before moving in. I'm a Zingara Woman through and through and I can't way to expand my collection."

Chloe - Bayswater WA

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"Zingara is the perfect mix of luxe and zen in the home"

"Zingara is the perfect mix of luxe and zen in the home. I love using my Protection + Elimination Mist to set an intention of calm throughout out living spaces during the day, and the Stress Relief Mist through all our bedrooms at night for a restful night sleep. They really have become a part of my everyday life and I'd be lost without them!"

Teagan - Perth WA

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